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Welcome to Managing Partners Capital Limited
Managing Partners Capital Limited (MPC) is a member of the Managing Partners Group (MPG), a global asset management group that manages a number of Traded Life Policy (TLP) based Cayman Regulated Mutual Funds which in the United Kingdom (UK) are Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS).

Traded Life Policies | Life Settlements
Traded Life Policies (TLPs), also known as Life Settlements, are United States issued life assurance policies where the policy owner has chosen to sell the future benefits of the policy at a discount from a fixed maturity value.

Unlike most asset classes, TLPs offer the unique benefit of delivering a fixed value maturity. The investor can in turn benefit from long term capital growth from an investment that is not stock market related. This makes TLPs an alternative to other financial markets such as equities, bonds or property.
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